Bike Riders

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Control the bike: Arrows.
Handbrake: Spacebar.

Game Details

Bike Riders

Get your bike ready and have that race of your life! In Bike Riders, your ultimate goal is to race on a busy road with regular vehicles driving on it. Take the challenge and show everyone your skills.

In this beautiful 3D motorbike racing game featuring awesome physics and ragdoll effects, you find yourself in the middle of a cool race. You will have to race against bad-ass bikers across a busy high way right outside the city. Your opponents will not let you win easily so make sure you make no major mistakes. There will be regular vehicles going on the busy street about so you should watch where you are going. Collect coins for extra points and lightning (Turbo) for speed boosts; that will surely help a lot. Watch out or else you’ll fall on your face!

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Date Added: 2017-02-12

Category: Moto Games

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