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WS or arrow keys are for navigating the vehicle.
AD are to lean back.
B is to boost energy.

Game Details


Trial bike games can get so boring. But now we have Blockytrials, you now will never race the same track again. This fast-paced, blocky style motocross game knows how to keep your interest.

Prepare yourself for an intense thrill ride here, buddies. Your goal is to conquer difficult tracks and challenging terrain without causing any accident. Choose your rider and bike from over 30 different riders, each with their own, unique style and vehicle. After that, hop on your bike and start speeding through the dangerous tracks while performing front and back flips to earn some money. Whatever you do, don't fall or you will loose your life. Collect coins as you make your way through the tracks and use them to unlock a lot of characters. Explore all 3 zones (city streets, airports and ships) and see how far you can ride.

To win Blockytrials, concentrating yourself in the best way is highly recommended.

Date Added: 2017-02-13

Category: Moto Games

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