Hardcore Moto Race




Press WASD to drive.
Hit spacebar to brake.
Tap N for Nitro.

Game Details

Hardcore Moto Race

Throw on a helmet and get ready for Hardcore Moto Race. You'll take part in a very difficult race, and the controls won't make your winning any easier. So, be well-prepared now!

In this 3D moto racing game, you have to complete all the achievements and earn victory in every single hardcore race. The players will race against some tough competitors from around the world. Getting to the finish line first is a must. A hardcore bike is built only for you; and while riding it on the mountain, feel free to demolish cars and other vehicles, presented like obstacles. In each level, there are several save points. Thus, you will not be sent back to the beginning, if crashing. Perform maneuvers and keeping the balance on the way to safely get on the stage end.

See if you have what it takes to be the best rider in Hardcore Moto Race. Clear all levels and become a winner.

Date Added: 2016-12-23

Category: Moto Games

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