Kick Buttowskis Motorush




Drive with arrow buttons.
Jump/do stunts with space.
Speed up with Z.

Game Details

Kick Buttowskis Motorush

By playing Kick Buttowskis Motorush, the players can take the role as Kick Buttowski, a Disney character. This versatile sportsman loves to race and can ride on different vehicles. Have a try!

You have to choose between a bicycle, a monster truck, a skate, or a snowboard once hit PLAY. Each of the means of transport offers different gameplay. Select the transport you like most and guide the reckless protagonist to go through the circuits in the shortest possible time. Guess what? You can actually fly. Perform incredible pirouettes by the air loading soda bottles with energy. Collect soda to dispose of Turbo and earn level points by performing tricks. Make sure you don't crash your vehicle if you want to win. Interestingly, fight against your ghost to see if you really improve.

Get ready for the big race, guys! Join our hero in Kick Buttowskis Motorush and complete the course for the victory.

Date Added: 2017-02-13

Category: Moto Games

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