Miami Outlaws




The mouse is to aim and shoot.
Space is to break glass and reload.

Game Details

Miami Outlaws

Somebody should give a lesson to all the Miami Outlaws. Take up your weapon and prevent the criminals from roaming the streets. It’s time for some shooting action, guys!

With beautiful people and amazing beaches, Miami is one of the most visited places in the United States; however, this place is not a complete paradise as you think, since there are criminals and violence. Right now, the streets of Miami have been turned into a war-zone where a group of hijackers riding motorbikes, jeeps and cars are trying to help a high-profile prisoner escape from the police car. Your goal is stop them before they liberate the crook. Get ready to lock and load. Shoot down any outlaws that are attacking the van before they get you first.

Buy new weapons after each round for more firepower. Fight the Miami Outlaws!

Date Added: 2017-02-13

Category: Moto Games

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