Moto Trials Junkyard

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The arrows are to navigate your dirt bike.

Game Details

Moto Trials Junkyard

No more boring hills! This time in Moto Trials Junkyard, you can test your motorbike skills by racing across the junkyard filled with obstacles. Get ready for the upcoming challenge?

Set foot to a huge junkyard where you can do exciting moves and drives with your motor. Here, there are about 10 fun and challenging tracks awaiting you. Your objective is to try to beat all levels without falling over. On each level, reaching the finish line is the ultimate goal you should complete. If you crash with your bike, you can continue your ride by turning back a checkpoint. The speedy you get to the finish line, the more point you earn. Keep balance while crossing various insane obstacles and junk and performing crazy acrobatics.

How fast you can conquer each riding course of Moto Trials Junkyard? Play and see!

Date Added: 2017-02-13

Category: Moto Games

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