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You will have to use the arrows to control your bike and keep the balance.

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Moto X Arena

Only the best of the best are invited to Moto X Arena. Though it takes you some time to brush the cobwebs of your skills, you're ready to accept the challenge of this dirt bike racing game. Hop on your bike and drive carefully over the obstacles to prove that you are really the king of the motocross arena. There are 12 very intense levels – try to finish each safely yet fast as possible.

Choose your favorite bike, and then the game will test your racing skills. Grab a helmet and hit the tracks with your new dirt vehicle. Be the fastest to cross the finish line, so that you can score the most points. The only difficulty is that you have to perform the objective without crashing too many times. Do you have what it takes? To become the top athlete, you need to master how to control the direction and the speed efficiently. In general, ride the bike with very good balance to surmount all the obstacles on the tracks to reach the end.

Overcome a mountain of deadly obstructions in your motorbike, literally. Complete the task without falling, bumping your head, or tumbling down. In this game, you are encouraged to do tricks for bonus, though surviving is what you should focus mainly on. Try to jump over dozens of obstacles ahead and make it to the end of the track. The racing track is short and all the hindrances are compressed in the middle. Make sure to keep your balance up and not to bump your head.

There are two motorcycles you can select and each of them has their own unique design. Again, you need to get from the beginning to the end as quickly as you can. Try not to tip over or the level will start over. At this moment, let’s go to the track where you will have the crowd cheering for you. Step into Moto-X Arena and earn the first place!

Date Added: 2016-10-22

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