Moto X Arena 2




Hit the arrow keys to move forward and backward, as well as lean the biker's body.

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Moto X Arena 2

Hey, guys! The two-wheel action game, Moto X Arena 2, is back. If you think you’re expert rider, don’t hesitate to tilt your bike over 12 challenging levels in the second edition. More thrilling racing tracks and brand new bikes, this is such an awesome chance to show off your skills. So, quickly put on your helmet, choose a bike, and try your best in this fascinating and addictive game.

Like always, the major objective here is to take control of your advanced motorcycle and try to catch some speed for more action. Drive it on the obstacles throughout the different tracks and reach the finish line as fast as you can. Be careful not to loose control on it, ok? Everyone is watching right now. The spectacular performances will attract many audiences to the terrain racing performance area. For a spectacular stage to impress the audiences, skillfully overcome the obstructions and confidently make some eye-catching stunts.

You have to drive your bike over the course without crashing and dying. Unfortunately, to make the task more complicated, the vehicle is naturally inclined to attempt to flip over at any chance it gets. This is really a trouble because once you crash, you lose every time. You have to get over the hills and jumps without your bikes trying to flip you over its handlebars. Very be careful! Not to loose control on it, or you need to start over again.

Get to the finish without crashing to pass the level, but do not forget you have to pass various obstacles. The game is pretty hard since the very beginning, so be ready to try numerous times before you pass.

In Moto X Arena 2, the players will notice – the higher level you progress, the adrenaline in your body will rise. As a trial bike simulation game just like the first part, but it is way more challenging; its only one aim, also, is to give you huge fun.

Date Added: 2016-10-22

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