Moto X Freestyle




Combine arrow keys and Z/X for tricks, and use Spacebar for a brilliant landing.

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Moto X Freestyle

You think you are the best rider? You think no one can beat any of your freestyle motocross tricks? Then participate in Moto X Freestyle and prove it! This is a cool 3D motorbike jumping game featuring a lot of realistic tricks. Whenever you are ready, get on the bike and perform stunning tricks while in the air to score as many points as you can. Feel confident with your skills? Don’t hesitate to take action immediately!

To freestyle motocross riders, tricks are like bread and butter. Freestyle sequences of cool stunts and sweet tricks on your motorbike. Here, some basic tricks the players can perform in this game include no footed can cans, heelclickers, nac nacs, etc. More advanced maneuvers even range from saran wraps to kiss of deaths, as well as backflips.

Wondering why you have to do tricks? You’re competing in a tournament to become the best Moto X rider. Performing death-defying leaps off steel ramps can help showcasing your skills to the judges. Land every stunt to earn a high score! You are in a bike and have only 5 jumps to earn as many points as possible by showing off the tricks. Press the prescribed keys to gain speed, add twist to your jump, get back on your bike, and land the trick. The more tricks in the air you do, the more points you will achieve – sweet tricks score extra bonuses.

Keep in mind that the motocross sporting variation is highly risky and can result in serious injury, so players have to be extremely careful. Only participants with very highly skills enable to attend the tournament. Right now, speed up on the sloppy, muddy track in Moto X Freestyle and perform as many tricks as you can. The in-game objective requires you to mainly focus on how to score maximum points just by performing tricks and stunts. The game is indeed great fun to play and very addictive!

Date Added: 2016-10-22

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