Moto X Madness




Ride the vehicle: Arrow keys.
Jump: Space.

Game Details

Moto X Madness

Work your dirt bike through brutal challenges of Moto X Madness. What is awaiting you ahead? Four different Moto X events here are available to test your skills. Be ready?

This fast-paced motocross action game offers you a full pack of 4 different racing modes – Time Attack, Balloon Pop, Flipping, and Technical Run. You will need more than speed to take the gold in all events. Show the crowd how the race’s done. Race, jump, and stunt your way through 5 thrilling courses: Log Jam, Loopy, Spin out, Step off, and Balls. Race against the time, pop balloons, or perform as many flips as you can – it’s up to your own choice. Aim of the game is to clear each track with as few mistakes as possible. Try to get the gold medal at the end of the race.

Will you become a world famous moto cross champ in Moto X Madness? Time to impress us with your motocross skills!

Date Added: 2016-12-23

Category: Moto Games

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