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Navigate the arrows to complete the entire levels full of obstacles, speed, and stunts.

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Moto X3M 2

Recently, are you looking for extreme in your life? Want to experience something really dangerous and mind blowing? Get ready for some adrenaline-filled action as you will enjoy the sequel to the popular motorcycle stunt game, Moto X3M 2. Like its brother, this episode will continue you amazing stuff – more exciting challenges and lethal obstacles.  You think you are an extreme rider? Let’s find out!

The second installment promises to get your heart pumping and hands sweaty. Last time, you already hit the beach and raced across the sand. Today, it’s time to jump on your motorbike and ride at full speed on the snowy slopes. I bet that all you could have seen or done is nothing tougher or more dangerous than this one. Quickly put on your helmet because the upcoming ride will be very crazy. Driving your moto through tricky paths, overcoming obstacles, performing dangerous maneuvers, and completing each level without getting hurt…yup, those are jobs the players need to accomplish.

Here, you have to make stunts, win races, and compete against other skillful, competitive opponents. Do you have what it takes to shine on the track and become the next bike racing champion?

The riders have to handle new hazardous obstructions that will cross the racing path with clever skills. There will be not only cold snowy mountains but also other deadly troubles, such as helicopters, razors, TNT bombs and more. You are asked to jump over such things and get the finish line as fast as possible to get all 3 stars. Remember that perform stunts and tricks will decrease your overall time. Now, take control of your vehicle and experience the craziest tracks imaginable.

There are 25 very exciting levels in Moto X3M 2. Get across all the levels to prove you're the best dirt bike rider ever. New bikes for upgrades – you will have more bike options to choose from. Have your dose of adrenaline rush and unlock all the achievements. Trusting your biking skills, you can be on top of the Leaderboard!

Date Added: 2016-10-22

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