Moto X3M 3




Utilize the arrow or WASD to drive your bike.

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Moto X3M 3

Get your motorbike out again, buddies! Moto X3M is back and jam-packed with more levels full of crazy obstacles and awesome stunts. Can you make it to the end? Keep in mind that only the craziest drivers and extreme riders enable to control their motorbike on the mad races of Moto X3M 3. Alright, let’s enter the mad world of falling and exploding objects that are waiting to catapult you forward to the end of each level.

What are you waiting for? This third edition is such a cool opportunity to take your motorcycle riding skills to a whole new level. Become an intense rider and go to extreme levels of danger as well as awesomeness for the sake of adrenaline. Get fully prepared for some serious business with mid-air acrobatics and tricks – you can perform more than well with good balance. Over 20 exciting levels full of stunts, obstacles, and high speeds are available here.

Firmly clutching the handlebars of your power machine, you must try to reach the end of every stage as fast as possible. Of course, difficulties are many; insane jumps, steep slopes, and deadly traps will be crossed without falling off your bike. Although you are riding on a gorgeous island, its race tracks are filled with pits of fire and gigantic saw blades that can threaten your life anytime. Players need nerves of steel to make it to the finish line in this epic motorcycle racing game.

Perform incredible stunts to thwart the traps and even gain precious seconds on the total time of the race. With your earned achievements, you are able to choose other motorcycle models, more powerful and more stylish.

Generally, you seem to go steadily forward with your vehicle, but it will not be easy as thought. There are many troubles that you have to beware at all costs; otherwise, you have to start over at the latest checkpoint. It is quite possible that in the beginning you will not succeed at all. You have to figure out how fast you should go and how many revolutions you should do, so you will not fall off later. Have fun with Moto X3M 3!

Date Added: 2016-10-22

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