Neon Rider




Drive with WASD and change color with arrows.

Game Details

Neon Rider

Play a role as a skillful Neon Rider and race through the neon tracks riding your cyber motorbike. This fast paced reflex driving game offers a pack of 20 levels of challenging courses.

The objective here is simple – controlling a vehicle in the cyber world and trying to finish the tracks as fast as possible. Travel on the bike from the beginning to end of each course in the shortest time. On some levels, you can receive extra points for performing stunts (air time, back flips, or doing a wheelie) or collecting bonus items. The active color of your vehicle indicates which type of road you can travel on. The road in an obstacle course may change colors. When this happens, you need to change the bike’s color to match the line. Use the mini-map to plan your ride.

Don’t let the Health Meter drains out completely, or the Neon Rider fail the course and must start over.

Date Added: 2017-02-12

Category: Moto Games

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