Rogue Buddies




Arrows are to move.
Z and X are to attack.
V is to alter character.
C is for interaction.

Game Details

Rogue Buddies

It's time for some action. Rescue your Rogue Buddies and get ready for some payback in this action-packed side-scrolling shooting game. There are various levels to complete!

Here you play the role of a heartless mercenary who wants the gold for himself. Journey through jungles, deserts, and volcanoes and defeat your ex-boss’ minions to save your friends. Shoot, cut, and blow up anything that stands in your way. Your objective is to rescue your 4 expendable bros - Maximus (assault specialist), Smoke (heavy gunner), The Alpha Tech (hacker and bomb expert) and finally Duster (stealth specialist) - who also will give you hands on your fight. Each one has special abilities so control them wisely. Collect cash and upgrade your weapons, buy ammunitions, and improve you and your team’s swag.

Are you ready for some explosive fun? Play Rogue Buddies and create destruction on your path!

Date Added: 2017-02-12

Category: Moto Games

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