Simulador De Moto




The arrows are to take control of your moto.

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Simulador De Moto

Here comes a chance to ride on a motorbike on an empty road, buddies. Take part in an amazing 3D racing game called Simulador De Moto and relish now. Are you ready?

Well, you are invited to a motorbike annular racing tournament. How many percents you will become the champion? Jump on your sport bike and try a shot! In this game, the players have to go through many laps of intense competition until you finish first. Since the bike has a small power, you must use a Turbo Boost to increase the speed; this will give you such a big lead in the race. Like in other similar games, there are three available game modes – Championship, Simple Race, and Career. Can you truly become the master of the road?

Ride the virtual way in Simulador De Moto and get ready for stunts, racers. Race well to unlock more cool things, ok?

Date Added: 2016-10-25

Category: Moto Games

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