Spiderman Motobike




Control the moto with the arrows.
Shoot with spacebar.

Game Details

Spiderman Motobike

What should you when entering Spiderman Motobike? Quickly helps our hero, Spiderman, to ride his powerful racing motorcycle. He needs your control…so you better hurry up!

The purpose of this game is to assist your infamous character in racing against Sandman as well as other opponents. To win the Bike World Trophy, he must do the most amazing stunts. He is going to face all kinds of dangers and challenges along the road full of steep hills on two wheels. Clear a total of six stages in order to complete the game. Collect all badges and throw the net at the power-ups to accumulate points. Though Spiderman does not have much experience with the motorbike, the task will certainly succeed with your instruction.

Let’s drive across the city in Spiderman Motobike now. Time to take things to a new limit!

Date Added: 2017-02-13

Category: Moto Games

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