Stunt Master




Press WASD to drive.
Press spacebar for nitro or wheelie.

Game Details

Stunt Master

Are you dreaming of being a Stunt Master? Well, becoming the best Hollywood stunt driver is not as easy as you think about. But if you want to put your skills on test, hit START button!

In this action game, you are an unknown stuntman working for a group in Hollywood, consisting of running man, bike rider and car driver. Your mission is to conquer the world of action films. You have to master different bikes and cars as you ride, drive and crash your way through various film sets. Select any vehicles and make sure you perform each stunt amazingly and make it to the finish line safely. Do what the director wants you to do and try not to kill yourself, players. Break stuff including your own bones, catch major air and collect golden achievements to earn more points.

Prove that you have what it takes to be a stuntman in Stunt Master. Time to show Hollywood its new action king!

Date Added: 2017-02-13

Category: Moto Games

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