Moto X3M

Looking for a cool game to kill some of your leisure time?

I must say that you’ve come to the right post! When it comes to the racing game, we often think about cars instantly, do we? However, there are plenty of racing games with motorbikes as well. If you don’t want just ordinary flips and stunts, then get ready and join us in Moto X3M.

Though it takes the same blueprint followed by other bike racing games, it does bring something new to the table.

Brief Look at Moto X3M Gameplay

Firstly, this first installment of Moto X3M series has creative maps that will put your skills to the test. Extremely intense, the gameplay won’t be too frustrating or out of your limit, or it could kill the fun factor. You’ll take control of a motorcycle and its rider once the adventure starts.

Come here and pull off the coolest flips as many as possible!

What I really like about Moto X3M Bike is that no compromise on the speed at all. In order not to encounter accidents or any unfortunate events, players need to manage all the balancing factors. Otherwise, the moment you fall off the vehicle, everything will explode. Be careful!

This is a fast-paced game in which you have to complete level to level for the ultimate victory. Instead of a title screen, Moto X3M will bring you straight to the first level the moment you click PLAY, and you have to figure out how to play on your own. Thankfully isn’t difficult at all.

Once starting the engine, you need to get used to the controls fast to prepare for obstacles ahead.

What makes Moto X3M different from other bike racing game is that it has some creative, unique ideas like you can interact with a wooden tank until the explosion happens and brings you to the finishing checkpoint in every level.

Sounds insane?

Yes, it is indeed crazy yet absolutely interesting! Another great thing of this game is that you don’t need to start over from the beginning with each failure because checkpoints throughout the adventure are available.

There are several episodes with varied level design, so you won’t feel bored. If you’re ready, jump into Moto X3M and find out different ways of overcoming traps. Don’t forget to show cool stunts!

How to Play?

Like any bike racing games, it’s a must to perform amazing tricks and stunts while riding on a motorbike. Are you the bravest? As a professional rider, tell yourself that you’ve got the heart of a daredevil. Now, quickly put on your helmet, highly focus on the road, and drive through the air. Make sure to land on your wheels successfully in multiple levels here.

Moto X3M has put a great effort into this competition. Even the veterans find these tracks challenging. Look at the crowd cheering you! Set foot to the start line and get ready for an exciting ride.

The ultimate goal in this game is to complete each level as quickly as you can to achieve the highest score. There are a total of 25 levels full of difficult obstacles. You can only unlock the next stage if successfully finishing the current stage. When riding a motorbike, it’s all about speed.

A true racer knows that control is everything!

Accelerate the speed, brake at the right time, and maintain your balance while moving from platform to platform. Having a safe landing is important here. Your final score depends on your time. Try to earn all 3 stars in each level so that you can unlock and purchase different bikes.


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • 25 challenging levels
  • 3 different bikes to unlock
  • Entertaining gameplay


This is a web browser game, so you don’t have to install or download any file on your computer. To play Moto X3M, all you need is a steady internet connection.

You can also play Moto X3M on your mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, as well as Android phones and tablets.

So, hope on your bike and take action in this series.

Release Date

This game was firstly released in May 2015.


So, MadPuffers was the one coming up with Moto X3M.


Ride your bike using the arrow keys only.


Extras to Know about Moto X3M  

In case you want more honest details, then I must say Moto X3M’s graphics are not too much special. But, to make up with that, it offers plenty of content to players throughout the series.

As it focuses mainly on putting you into action, the UI nearly becomes non-existent. Plus, the menus where you come to switch vehicles and select levels look disjointed and crowded. Luckily, the polish is decent enough for the gameplay and I encounter no issue when playing.

The music is catchy but personally I want to mute it at some point because it’s a bit over-repeated, like most flash games.

In Conclusion

Will you be able to earn all stars and unlock all bikes here?

Moto X3M is one of the most fun physics-based racing games. Totally worth trying, it will make your tired and stressful time fade away. There’s no single dull moment with all the challenges here, so don’t miss out.

The best way to play it is accessing our site: here. Aside from Moto X3M, you can check other installments in the series, such as Moto X3M 2.

This racing game is challenging and has the potential to keep you entertained for hours. If you are having some spare time and want to spend it on something exciting and thrilling, then Moto X3M is a fun way to do it. The gameplay seems basic, but it’s also not so complex¬† because the developer makes sure it won’t drive you insane. If it’s too hard, less experienced or younger gamers will give up.

It’s definitely a game that players of all ages can enjoy!

Have fun!

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