Moto X3M 2

- Use the RIGHT arrow to accelerate

- Use the LEFT, UP and DOWN arrows to change the angle of your bike

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Moto X3M 2

The sequel of Moto X3M is here!

Moto X3M 2 is one of fun and challenging racing games that we’ve found. Once again, you need to go back to the race and perform wild stunts on your dirt bike. This time, there are 25 levels harder and more intense than before. It’s a must try – definitely worth both your time and anticipation!

In this review, let’s have a look at the second installment of this time trial bike racing series. Is it really good? Why we recommend it?

Without hesitation, let’s get to the good stuff!

Things to Know about Moto X3M 2

What is Moto X3M 2?

The second installment here will remind everything that you loved from the prequel and also add more cool features, such as new obstacles, better graphics, more stunts, and more speed. This time, you will have to travel to a new place, cold and full of snow with uneven terrain and insane obstacles.

So, the basic gist of Moto X3M 2 as well as other versions is to complete each track as quickly as possible. You must be the master of controlling the acceleration for the success. I have some tips for you: guide the rider to lean his weight further forward or backward so that he can stay balanced when making jumps or when moving on obstacles.

Though the gameplay sounds simple, it’s actually a lot more challenging. It takes most gamers a while to get used to balancing the character in the various situations. Guess what? The speed will increase, making it harder to process what obstacles come up next while riding the bike. The further you go, the harder the challenge become – which means the possibility of you having accidents is higher as well.

But it’s okay, you can recover from crashes and start all over again. Performing as many crazy stunts would be so much fun. Let’s conquer the rag-doll style gameplay here!

Will you reach the very end of the race?

How to Play?

Moto X3M 2 is a time trial bike racing game featuring plenty of thrilling and challenging obstacles. With a total of 25 levels taken place on snowy winter tracks, each of which brings a new experience and provides all players a great occasion to perform as many incredible slips and stunts on your motorbike. Your ultimate goal is to race against the clock to the finish line!

Wear your leather jacket, put on your helmet, jump onto your trusted motorbike and start the engine. Ride it to the main arena and get ready to face challenging levels waiting for your exploration. Though the terrain seems uneven, you still need to perform amazing stunts and tricks as a professional rider.

As you all know, there are 25 tracks in Moto X3M 2. The beginning may seem nothing, but soon they will offer a series of traps and obstacles that make you struggled. The rewards are based on the time you complete the level, so you can replay each again and again until achieving the best score.

During the race, the speed will increase. Despite that, you must be cautious when approaching new obstacles. With even a small mistake, your rewards at the end of a level will be affected. Remember to make stunts for bonuses; plus, make sure your flips must be fit in over big jumps.

The stars earned from completing Moto X3M 2 levels should be used to unlock new bikes.

Show off your skills to the gathered crowd cheering your name. Beat all opponents, conquer the race, and bring home the trophy.


  • Ride your dirk bike on ice
  • A total of 25 intense levels with each harder than the one before
  • Extremely challenging gameplay
  • New, more powerful bikes to unlock
  • Simple controls

Each stage will be scored by stars which 3 stars is the maximum. How to earn all 3 stars? The answer is your total time elapsed must be lesser than what the game requires in a level. Apart from the default bike from the beginning, you can upgrade or select other bikes in Garage as you progress. Moreover, you’ll soon discover more new hazardous snares and obstructions.

Replay tracks to gain your best time!


This game has versions available for the web browser, Android and iOS.

Release Date

For your information, Moto X3M 2 was added on February 2016.


Same as Moto X3M, this second installment was also created and developed by MadPuffers.


  • Use the RIGHT arrow to accelerate
  • Use the LEFT, UP and DOWN arrows to change the angle of your bike


What is Special about Moto X3M 2?

As I’ve said already, Moto X3M 2 offers a more challenging adventure compared to the previous installment. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional gamer, you won’t find any dull moment when playing. The goal can be a bit difficult, but the controls aren’t overly complicated.

Of course the game won’t be that challenging making you want to give up. The gameplay overall is simple so all players can figure out. Another reason explaining why Moto X3M is popular: it can be enjoyed by all ages. Unlike other racing games that caters for kids alone, adults can have fun with Moto X3M 2 as well.

Beyond that, the game is designed in such a way that (honestly) makes it challenging and addictive at the same time.

When you first start the game, the moving obstacles can confuse you a bit. Be calm and gain acceleration pretty quickly as the clock is ticking. The moment you gain your confidence and are ready pick up speed, again, they throw more complicated obstacles at you. Throughout 25 levels, you need precise thought and strategy to get past all hindrances ahead; otherwise, you may end up crashing into somewhere before reaching the finish line.

This game is truly a great and entertaining way to play during your leisure time.

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