Moto X3M 3

- Use WASD or the arrows to ride your bike

- Click R to restart and P to pause

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Moto X3M 3

Need a safe place to enjoy all smash hit games?

Well, you’re already at the right place! Have you ever tried any installment from the Moto X3M series? If not, then join us now in Moto X3M 3 now. Hit the beach and race your way across the sand on an awesome bike in this third chapter. Make sure you also give Moto X3M and Moto X3M 2 a try as well, my friends!

These days, it’s easy to see that there are lots of bike racing games online, but this flash game is still loved by many players. So far, the developer has released 6 games of the series.

Let’s go checking Moto X3M 3 and see if it’s worth playing!

What to Expect in Moto X3M 3?

Welcome to Moto X3M series!

Before discover the third installment, let me introduce its prequels briefly which are Moto X3M and Moto X3M 2:

About the first chapter, your primary objective is to complete each beautifully crafted level while riding on your dirt bike. The moment you tap PLAY, the time will start running. So, grab your motorbike, put on your helmet and dodge over obstacles as soon as possible. Beat the clock and perform amazing off road circuits for more points to upgrade.

The second chapter is Moto X3M 2. This is also a cool online bike riding game from the series. Your ultimate mission is to stay balanced while navigating a cool bike through challenging obstacles in order to complete each stage as fast as possible for a full collection of 3 stars. To decrease the time elapsed, remember to perform stunts and tricks on the air!

Now, it’s time for Moto X3M 3!

This chapter features more than 20 exciting levels full of obstacles, high speeds, and stunts. You, as a professional rider here, will take control of a dirt bike and drive through the uneven terrain in a minimum time. The whole journey will be extremely sloppy and dangerous, so the only way to proceed them all is to make jumps and flips during the ride. Most importantly, you need to land safely!

Look around! Your enemies probably have come up with many dangerous traps on the tracks to attack you. Stay calm and make use of your biking skills so that you can get across all the levels.

When playing Moto X3M 3, more bike options are available to choose from.

This game brings you more levels full of obstacles, speed, and stunts.

How to Play?

It’s time to set foot to a mad world of falling and exploding objects where you need to lead your bike toward the end of each level. About controlling the vehicle, you must accelerate and decelerate, as well as adjust your tilt.

Try to angle your bike in a correct way to jump over the obstacles and dodge all deadly circular saws along the journey. It’s a must to perform cool back or front flips when riding off of the ramps for bonus points. Besides, this third installment also features different landscapes and a myriad of awesome tracks.

Can you become the champion in Moto X3M 3?

One last thing: Keep your balance! The moment you crash, you have to start over at the latest checkpoint. The easiest way to save time is to make flips and stunts while riding the bike.

Tips to Play Moto X3M 3

Now many are wondering how to play Moto X3M well without causing any damages in game. Based on my experience, I must say that there is no shortcut to becoming a professional racer here. But if you want to achieve the victory, have a look at these following factors:

1. Controlling the car:

It may sound simple, but you’ll soon find out that everything doesn’t go your way. Learn how to use the arrow keys skillfully and later you can keep the balance for the bike in the best way.

2. Allocating the speed:

You don’t need to always use the highest speed to complete challenges in Moto X3M 3. Though sometimes you should speed up to overcome obstacles, there are some hindrances which can puts your character in danger if you just make use of speed. So, be careful and think strategically or you have to start all over again.

3. Completing the 3-star missions:

This way is quite time-consuming because you have to replay a level many times, but it will help you complete the 2 factors above. In the first challenge, try to balance everything to clear the mission and get 3 stars, so we will understand how to conquer other challenges easier.


The presence of Moto X3M 3 has showed how good HTML5 bike games can be with the community. If you love this game, don’t miss out other chapters with more insane levels online as well.

It’s also available to play on smart devices for both iOS and Android users.

Release Date

The game was firstly published on August, 2016.


Moto X3m 3 was one of bike games created by Mad Puffers. It’s not the first one, but it is the best early one using newer technologies and released with mobile support. Though two previous games were good but Moto X3M is on another level.


  • Use WASD or the arrows to ride your bike
  • Click R to restart and P to pause



This is everything a flash game should be.

Moto X3M 3 is simple, fun, challenging enough to keep players entertaining, and not clogged up with a bunch of upgrades.
If you are ready for action, then get on your bike, put on your helmet, and begin your racing adventure now! Race through over 20 incredible levels with different roads, get through difficult obstacles and try to obtain all 3 stars

This thrilling flash game explodes on to both desktop and mobile, so let’s play and show off your speed as well as clever use of physics!

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